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AIRBNB'S n.1 top selling comedy act  with more than 3500 reviews and 55.000 guests .

Screw the formalities and delve straight into the hot gossip, tales from 2300 years ago.

-Did you know that giving the middle finger as an insult was born in ancient Athens?

-Did you know that the Greeks had a God for toilet?

-Who was the playboy that was obsessed to sleep with Socrates?
-Why men would put radishes in their b.....?
-Why prostitution was a really honoured job?
-What was the last Matriarchal civilization from Ancient Greece ?
-Who was the famous Greek philosopher who mast....ted in public?
-Why men preferred to sleep with other men instead of women?


This is not your standard historical experience! This is an interactive  comedy game.  Figure out the facts from my fiction . You better bring your sense of smell because there will be some bullsh*t in the air!
Call me a liar, take my pulse and try read my poker face as I mix bold faced lies amongst historical truths.
Fear not, we will separate fact from fiction at the end.


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Konstantinos is a human male, born in Athens, Greece on a snowy Saturday morning, on the 17th of January 1987 at precisely 09:18. He studied Arts & Graphic Design, but his true passion was making easy cash. Thus, he began hosting illegal cockfights and moonlighting as a hilarious stand-up comedian.



Professional sandwich artist.

Life Acrobat.

Vegan addict and philosophy maniac. 



Born and raised in Athens, full of energy and positive vibes, history and languages lover, a real globetrotter and always-smiling, Nikos can’t wait to share well-kept secrets of ancient Greece in a very hilarious and friendly way.



Greek-American, identifies as bilingual. He enjoys sunsets, witty comedy and knows how to eat the best food the city has to offer. When he was born he asked the doctor what is the meaning to all of this? Since then everything has been really awkward...

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